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School Culture

Mission and Values

  • JAS students will grow to be citizens who demonstrate respect, personal responsibility, and the knowledge and skills to contribute to a democratic and environmentally responsible society.
  • JAS students are partners in a ”family culture” of collaboration, active involvement, with the belief that everyone matters.
  • JAS values acceptance, achievement, opportunity and safety.

What Makes JAS Different

JAS staff works to create a safe, and caring environment for students resulting in the "JAS family" culture. JAS is a small school where everybody matters.
JAS - "Where attitude matters".

Staff Collaboration

Staff meet on a regular basis to discuss student progress. All decisions are made on a collaborative basis.  Administration, teachers, and educational assistants work closely on a daily basis.

Because of the small teacher-student ratio teachers and students work closely together. JAS staff work hard to ensure students have a strong and positive connection to the school.

Student Involvment

Students are involved in the creation and implementation of their educational plan.
Students meet with their teachers and administration on a regular basis to monitor achievement, review education plans and determine future goals.
It is expected that ALL students become active participants in the program.

Students are expected to attend daily, participate in field trips, and "JAS family" events.

Enviromentally Conscious

Staff and students are expected to be considerate to the environment locally and globally. Students are encouraged to recycle, re-use, and reduce.
Students are expected to participate in activities orogranized by JAS to improve and sustain our local environment.

Care and Support

Staff use a variety of strategies to support JAS students.
Each student is treated as an individual. All students are treated fairly but fair does not mean equal. Some of the preventative strategies JAS staff employ are listed below.

"Every Kid - Every Day", staff check in daily with ALL students 
Students are connected with ONE teacher 
Teachers provide a "home base" for each student enrolled at JAS
Teachers review work and provide immediate feedback
Courses are tailored to suit the needs of individual students
Staff are committed to student success and well-being

Coursework Expectation

Students work at their own pace, however ALL students MUST complete a MINIMUM of ONE course per quarter to maintain their placement in the program (I.E. Students enrolling in September would be expected to complete a minimum of 4 credits in the year, students enrolling in April would be expected to complete a minimum of 1 credit for the year). Students are expected to follow the schedule and plan that they have developed. Students who do not maintain their commitment to the program may be required to re-enrol in the program at a later date (space permitting).